From the Whitechapel Website:

"For the past two and a half centuries, Whitechapel have been acknowledged leaders in the production of musical handbells. Handbell ringing began in England about three hundred years ago. Even in those days, the best bells were made 'at the sign of the three bells' in Whitechapel. Indeed, it can be said that the whole art of handbell ringing - making molten metal into liquid sound - was built on Whitechapel handbells. "

You have been listening to Harold Arlen's music your whole life! He is probably most famous for the songs he wrote for "The Wizard of Oz", most notably Over the Rainbow.  We are proud to have Blues in the Night  (arranged by Paul W. Allen) in repertoire and part of our "Just Dance" concert program.  In the past we have also performed That Old Black Magic.  His easy going blues style translates beautifully to handbells.