The mission of Rocky Mountain Ringers, Inc. is to promote the art of ringing handbells through performance, education and development of handbell literature.

About Us

2017 Governor's Residence Holiday Concert Appearance

Rocky Mountain Ringers started in 1996. Our members come from all walks of life.  We share a single passion: ringing English handbells.
We aren't your Aunt Mildred's handbell choir.  We perform unique and innovative music. Our concerts are as fun to watch as they are to listen to.
Examples of the types of music we perform include:
  • holiday music dating back to the 1500’s 
  • original handbell music
  • swing band era arrangements
  • music by artists such as the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Lady Gaga.
We play three kinds of bells:
  • Whitechapel handbells from England: amazing sound!
  • Malmark handchimes:  beautiful melodies
  • Petit and Fritsen handbells from Holland:  tower bell overtones