Chaos & Order

Chaos and Order



“Chaos and Order”, yin and yang, black and white ~ opposites.  This is what comes to mind for us when the phrase “Chaos and Order” is used.  Safonia’s March concerts will feature music of opposites.  Cacophonous music, pastoral music, dissonant music, harmonic music, music with ancient texts, music with modern texts, music about death, music about life, music about the stars and music about stardust.  Another opposite theme is the addition of percussive instruments to the incredible voices of the women of Safonia.  Rocky Mountain Ringers appearing with Safonia in this set of concerts, and you will be in for a real treat with the theme "Chaos & Order" on handbells!  We hope you can join us in March, a month when we here in Colorado can experience the oppositional forces of nature ~ blizzards, 70 degree days, light returning stronger every day to fuel our hopes for another lovely summer while we deal with the vestiges of the chill winter season. 

Rocky Mountain Ringers Fall  2015

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